G-Probe programme

As part of the IAG’s commitment to improving international geoanalytical performance a plan is currently being developed to expand the scope of its microanalytical testing program called G-probe. In 2009 the G-probe proficiency program will expand to two samples a year offering IAG members an opportunity to test laboratory performance on a diverse set of sample types. The program will combine its traditional natural and synthetic geologic glasses with pressed powder samples representative of polymetallic sulfides, oxides, corals, bones, and organic materials. The program  began its evaluation of pressed powder suitability in March of 2008 by offering at no cost to IAG members a pressed powder calcium carbonate material spiked with minor and trace elements.

  • 2008 - Calcium carbonate (coral, otolith) pressed powder
  • 2009 - Plagioclase Gypsum pressed powder
  • 2010 - Mid Ocean Ridge Basalt glass Metal sulfide pressed powder
  • 2011 - Olivine glass Calcium Phosphate (Bone)
  • 2012 - Wolastonite glass Metal oxide pressed powder

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