GeoPT online data submission


General information about the web-based
data submission system for GeoPT participants

(1) Registration
You may register your interest in participating in GeoPT and provide your contact details by selecting“Register interest here” on the GeoPT Login page. We will contact you and the IAG Treasurer will invoice you for your subscription. When your application is confirmed you will receive your registration details by email, thus enabling you to log in to the GeoPT web-based data submission system.

(2) Login
To log in to the GeoPT site you must access the web address:
The login procedure comprises 3 parts:

  • Your GeoPT account number – 3 digits – as supplied by us for your institution/company
  • Your login ID – your own email address (or that of your laboratory – whichever is registered)
  • Your password (or that of your laboratory) – initially supplied to you by email – which you can replace with a secure and memorable password of your own choice.

If you forget your password selecting Password Reminder will send details to your email address.

After logging in successfully you will be taken to the Rounds page, where various options are shown across the screen, i.e. Email us, Rounds, Your procedures, Your details, News, Help and Logout. When logging in for the first time, click Your Details and check through the details recorded.

(3) Your Details

  • Please check, amend and remember to Save any changes to Your Details as necessary.
  • Please ensure that the name of your organisation and its address are correct for delivery of samples; that your name is correct and recorded in the form that you prefer to be addressed; and that all of your personal contact details (or laboratory details where appropriate), particularly the email address are kept up-to-date.

If your contact status is not correct, please inform us at

(4) Contacts

Individual contacts are defined according to names and email addresses supplied and each has their own password. Individual contacts will each receive automated notifications. If several individuals use the same email address (e.g. the laboratory email address), only the main contact needs to be registered, but individuals will need to share the password.
The main contact is the person to whom test samples will be mailed. The main contact is assumed also to be the contact for invoicing unless another contact is specified to deal with invoicing. A separate postal address (tick box provided) may be recorded for invoicing if necessary.
Additional persons using individual email addresses may also be registered as contacts so that they may receive email alerts, access the system and submit results. Your contact status appears as a statement beneath your personal details listed in Your Details page.

  • Please inform us by email ( of the name and email address of any new contact who will be using the system, and most importantly, inform us of any change in the identity of the main and/or the invoicing contact so that we can keep your status as a contact and that of your colleagues up-to-date.

(5) Rounds

GeoPT rounds are organised twice a year, running from March to June (the spring round) and September to December (the autumn round). Clicking Rounds produces a list of rounds that you can access individually to enter and submit data or to download results. When a supplementary (additional) sample is provided for a round it will appear as though it is a separate round, and designated with the same number as the regular sample but followed by ‘A’. Clicking on a particular round will open the results screen for that round which provides several options including the input of data. Before you input your results you must record details of the Procedures that you used to determine each result. For full details regarding submission of data see Information for Analysts.

(6) Your Procedures

Recording the Procedures that you use may take a short while to set up first time, but if unchanged they will remain applicable for subsequent rounds. They can be changed when necessary and new ones added. Clicking Your Procedures gives a list of procedures already recorded. Clicking a listed procedure enables it to be checked and modified if necessary. Clicking New enables you to define a new procedure. A procedure can be given any name that is convenient for you. Defining a procedure involves 3 sets of details:

  1. The Analytical Technique, with Additional Details if needed,
  2. The Sample Preparation method, with Additional Details if needed, and
  3. The Mass of sample used for that procedure.

For further details see Information for Analysts.
* Remember to Save each time you create a procedure and whenever you make any modifications.

(7) Results Input

For each analyte, the results input page provides options to select the procedure used, to input the analytical result and select the Data Quality (Pure (1) or Applied (2)) that represents the appropriate fitness for purpose criterion for each result. There is a Quick Setup option that enables Procedures and Qualities to be set for whole groups of elements at the same time. Details may also be set for individual analytes. Results may be input individually or in bulk using a spreadsheet. For further details see the relevant Help for recording and submitting results. Also be sure to take full note of the Instructions for Analysts.

(8) News

From time to time we may provide news of future plans for GeoPT, further information about results of previous rounds and activities of the International Association of Geoanalysts.

(9) Help

Further information is provided on a number of topics to help you with your data submission. Should you still have any difficulties please contact us at

(10) Communication with the GeoPT organisation

Sometimes automated emails from GeoPT are intercepted by spam trapping systems, they may also find their way into junk mailboxes. Please ensure that emails sent from and will be accepted by your email system.

  • Enquiries relating to test samples, deliveries, changes of contact, results reporting, the online system should be directed to the GeoPT Coordinator, Peter Webb:
  • Enquiries relating to subscription payment, invoicing, change of invoicing contact should be directed to the IAG Treasurer, Chris Jackson: