Reference Materials

Reference materials play a key role in the calibration of geoanalytical measurement systems, the assessment of measurement procedures, assigning values to other materials and quality control.

The IAG is committed to the development of high quality reference materials and certified reference materials (CRMs) that are fit for purpose in supporting the work of the geoanalytical community.

The responsibility for developing these materials rests with the IAG Reference Material and Certification Committee. Its current membership is shown below.

The IAG’s reference material programme evolved out of a desire to demonstrate best practice in the characterisation of geological reference materials for the benefit of the geoanalytical community. The history of the development of this programme and the publications that it has fostered can be accessed here.

Aims and Objectives

  • To develop a range of reference materials and certified reference materials to support the work of laboratories involved in the analysis of geological and environmental materials
  • To collaborate with other organisations to achieve these goals
  • To refine procedures for the characterisation of geological and environmental reference materials by the periodic organisation of workshops
  • To complement existing whole rock reference materials with CRMs suitable for microbeam techniques
  • More information about our reference materials is available at IAGeo Limited

IAG Reference Material and Certification Committee

Phil Potts The Open University, Milton Keynes
Jacinta Enzweiler University of Campinas, Brazil
Thomas Meisel Montanuniversität Leoben, Austria
Doug Miles IAGeo Limited, UK
Martin Rosner IsoAnalysis, Berlin, Germany
Dieter Garbe-Schönberg University of Kiel, Germany
Michael Wiedenbeck Helmholtz Centre Potsdam, Germany

References Materials Database

GeoReM is a Max Planck Institute database for reference materials of geological and environmental interest.
View GeoReM today.