Workshops and Courses

Goldschmidt 2019 Workshop

Barcelona, Spain 18 August 2019

How good are your data? Workshop on uncertainty and traceability assessments of isotope ratio measurements

Given by Mark Tyra (NIST), Savelas Rabb (NIST), Martin Rosner (Isoanalysis, Berlin) and Thomas Meisel (Montanuniversität Leoben, Austria)

The workshop runs 9:00 to 16:30 with lunch and refreshment breaks provided by the organisers. Course materials are also included in the registration fee of 65 euros. To register for the workshop click here.

This workshop will address the specific challenges and possible approaches to uncertainty analysis of isotope ratio measurements. Topics will include uncertainty analysis and calculations for reporting isotopic data, proficiency test results, and interlaboratory comparisons. The morning will involve lectures and discussions with experts. We will review the basic uncertainty calculations applicable to most data types and disciplines and the role of uncertainty calculations in improving the robustness and usefulness of isotope ratio data. The afternoon session will focus on software applications for uncertainty estimation (e.g. using the NIST Uncertainty Machine available on the Web) to calculate uncertainties in a hands-on learning environment.

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